About Us

Kingston Spring Grove Morris is a mixed team of Cotswold morris dancers and musicians from Kingston-upon-Thames.  We run an active and varied programme of events throughout the year with most events taking place  between April and September. From October to April we have weekly practices where we learn new dances and work on our current repertoire, we welcome new members as dancers or musicians – find out more about joining us.

We can be seen performing at a variety of community, corporate and charitable events throughout the borough as well as further afield  – find out more about booking us for your event.

Kingston Spring Grove Morris was formed from the merger of Kingston Morris (mixed) and Spring Grove Morris Men (male).  We also maintain close links with several local morris teams from various traditions and often dance out with them at local events and pub tours.

Each year we make donations from our funds to our nominated charities.  Thanks to everyone who makes this possible – whether by showing your appreciation of our entertainment by putting money in the Lucky Morris Potty as it passes or by booking us for paid events. For 2020 our nominated charity is Transition Town Kingston, a community group helping to raise awareness of climate change and encourage the transition to a low-carbon future. We look forward to supporting them this year – we hope you will too.